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17 Nov 2015

Eurostat: SME statistics for European SME Week 2015

On the occasion of European SME Week 2015, which aims to promote entrepreneurship, Eurostat, the European Statistical Office has published data on enterprises broken down by employment size classes, with a special focus on the importance of micro-enterprises in the EU business economy.

According to this data, an overwhelming majority of 92.7% of the EU's 22.3 million enterprises in the non-financial business economy were micro-enterprises employing fewer than 10 persons in 2012. A further 7.1% were small and medium-sized enterprises (with 10 to 249 persons employed), and only 0.2% were large enterprises (250 or more persons employed). 2.3 million new enterprises were created in 2012 across the EU. Most of them (70.8%) were sole entrepreneurs (no employees).

At 87.1%, Austria's share of micro-enterprises (0-9 employees) is below the EU average (92.7%). The countries with the highest share of micro-enterprises are Greece (96.7%), Slovakia (96.5%), and the Czech Republic (96.0%). Austria is second only to Germany in its higher than average share of small enterprises (10-49 employees) at 10.9% (EU: 6.1%, Germany 14.7%), and has the fourth highest share of medium enterprises (50-249 employees) at 1.7% (EU 1.0%, Germany 2.5%, Luxembourg 2.1%, Romania 1.9%) .

For more information:

Eurostat - news release

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