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10 Nov 2015

EUA publishes 2015 Public Funding Observatory

The European University Association (EUA) has recently launched its annual Public Funding Observatory, which is composed of an overview report and an updated online tool. This year’s edition records declining investments from some Northern Europe countries, a region that has so far kept up investments in higher education and research. The 2015 Observatory also confirms the highly contrasted situation of universities throughout Europe, with continued disinvestment in the field in a number of countries, while for others the main challenge is in keeping up financially with large increases in the student population. An increasingly common narrative is that of greater efficiency in a context of changing funding models. The EUA states that it is becoming more and more important for the university sector to demonstrate its contribution to society, as it is asked to deliver more with constrained or diminishing resources and show “value for money”.

In 2008, the EUA started monitoring the impact of the economic crisis on universities, and has since then collected the annual funding figures for the sector with the help of its member national university associations. The Observatory covers 24 European countries, for which updated information features in the Public Funding Observatory online tool, allowing users to look in detail at country-specific developments. The report provides information on recent evolutions, analyses the long-term trends for the period 2008-2014, and addresses funding in the context of elements such as student numbers and inflation.

EUA Public Funding Observatory online tool

EUA Public Funding Observatory report

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