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04 Nov 2015

LERU publishes opinion on importance of engaging in gendered research and innovation

LERU, the League of European Research Universities, has published an opinion piece on the importance of engaging in gendered research and innovation.

According to the author, LERU's Chief Policy Officer Dr. Katrien Maes, gendered research and innovation are vital because they help research to answer the global societal challenges the world is facing, from adaptation to climate change. In addition to more women getting into research careers, staying in and reaching leadership positions and ensuring that universities and other research organisations make structural changes in the way they recruit, support, retain and promote, fixing gender-related knowledge is a third important task, which is less well known, yet equally important. Gendered research and innovation, or GRI, is about making sure that gender and sex analysis are properly integrated into the research process itself. This is important to ensure that research results are equally valid for people of all genders and sexes, of high quality and innovative.

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