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30 Oct 2015

Commission signs agreement for next phase of Human Brain Project

The Commission has signed a partnership agreement with the Human Brain Project, a FET Flagship project aiming to better understand how the human brain works. The Human Brain Project (HBP), launched in 2013, aims at providing researchers with world-class infrastructure, ICT tools and mathematical models to improve their knowledge of the human brain, its diseases and its capabilities. The new agreement brings support for the HBP from Horizon 2020 until 2020. The project has been refined, based on the first EC technical review and the recommendations from the HBP Mediation Group, which was put in place to manage the public scientific debate started in June 2014.

The signed Framework Partnership Agreement describes the work plan for the HBP's Operational Phase, which covers the next 7.5 years. With this signature, the HBP budget in Horizon 2020 will be unlocked. EU funds will be released based on successful annual project reviews conducted by independent experts to closely monitor progress made by the HBP, as well as successful evaluation of the proposals the HBP will submit to the Commission every two years. These proposals (Specific Grant Agreements) describe the detailed activities of each two-year phase of the project.

The Human Brain Project involves more than 400 researchers from 24 countries from all over Europe. The overall budget of the HBP is estimated at €1 billion over ten years (2013-2023), with support from the Commission and from other partners including universities, industries and Member States' own programmes.

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