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29 Oct 2015

Conciliation on EU budget starts

Following the amendments to the EU budget for 2016 adopted by the plenary of the European Parliament (EP), the three-week conciliation talks between the EP and the Council are due to start on 29 October 2015.

In reaction to the EP's vote, the Council has pointed out that the amendments made by the EP are not acceptable to the Council. The Council is "particularly concerned that the Parliament wants to increase EU expenditure far beyond the ceilings agreed in the multiannual financial framework for 2014-2020". It also calls for leaving some financial leeway in case of unexpected events and financial needs.

Pierre Gramegna, minister for finance of Luxembourg and President of the Council stated that he considered the position of the European Parliament on the EU budget for 2016 to be "maximalist and ambitious in the extreme", adding that "Budget decisions are like everyone's daily life: you have to make choices with a limited amount of money. The Council is ready to work constructively with the European Parliament to ensure that the right choices are made for the benefit of Europe, its citizens and its economy". 

Within the three-week conciliation procedure, the Conciliation Committee will meet for the first time on 9 November 2015. "The Luxembourg Presidency, together with the European Parliament and the Commission, will do everything possible to ensure that an agreement is reached by the end of the week of November 13", Mr. Gramegna concluded.

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