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27 Oct 2015

EUA welcomes EP efforts to defend EU research and education budget

The European University Association EUA has welcomed the motion adopted by the European Parliament’s Budgets Committee defending EU funding for research and education in the negotiations on the 2016 budget. The Budgets Committee voted, amongst other issues, against the envisaged budget cuts to Horizon 2020 for 2016.

EUA calls research and education "the two key areas for Europe's future" and has expressed its strong support for the arguments of Rapporteur José Manuel Fernandes against the cuts proposed by the Council. The Council position justifies programme cuts by the relatively low absorption rate of funds. The EP Committee's report rejects this in light of the acceleration of the programme implementation since the summer. EUA also calls upon MEPs to follow the recommendations of the Budgets Committee and defend EU funding programmes for research and education in the EP's plenary vote on 28 October 2015.

The EP's plenary vote will be the basis for the conciliation negotiations on the 2016 budget between the EP and the Council during the following weeks.

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