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27 Oct 2015

EC publishes report on SSH in Horizon 2020

Rearding the social sciences and humanities (SSH), Horizon 2020 follows a concept of full integration into each of its priorities. To assess to what extent the 2014 calls for proposals under the Societal Challenges and the Industrial Leadership priorities have delivered on the integration of SSH as a cross-cutting issue, the European Commission has published a monitoring report. The report provides data on the budget dedicated to SSH activities, the share of SSH partners as well as their country affiliation and type of activity, the prevalence of various disciplines, and the overall quality of integration.

Besides some encouraging results, there are obvious concerns regarding the integration of SSH in some Societal Challenges and the LEIT parts of the programme, the report states. Some disciplines are widely represented while others are almost invisible. This is particularly the case for the humanities and the arts. Also, the significant geographical divide between the EU-15 and the EU-13 needs to be stressed. The activities that will be continued during the entire duration of Horizon 2020 focus on four priorities for improvements: the quality of topics, the quality of evaluation, the quality of  feedback, and the quality of communication.

As data collection for the report progressed, the lessons learned have been gradually fed into the preparation of the 2016-17 Work Programme. In particular, evidence-based corrective measures have been identified and implemented that are expected to improve significantly the qualitative integration of SSH in upcoming and future Horizon 2020 calls. The report also provides a baseline against which performance in terms of quantitative integration of SSH can be benchmarked in the upcoming years of Horizon 2020.

Full report

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