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20 Oct 2015

LERU highlights what universities need from upcoming EU copyright reform

LERU, the League of European Research Universities, presented universities' needs and expectations regarding the upcoming EU copyright reform at a breakfast briefing at the European Parliament on 19 October 2015.

On behalf of universities, LERU calls upon policymakers to adopt a serious and ambitious position that strongly supports research and education. According to Prof Kurt Deketelaere, Secretary-General LERU, "this position should at least include:

  • a mandatory exception for research and education purposes; 
  • a mandatory exception that will enable users to text and data mine all content to which they have legal access: the right to read is the right to mine".

LERU claims that the current EU copyright regime is "fragmented and obsolete" and "not a helpful tool for the realisation of the European Research Area", using the recent Implementation Assessment on the Review of the EU copyright framework as evidence. The study also identifies the absence of legal certainly to support the development of text and data mining as “a key gap" in urgent need of addressing.

LERU's position on the EU copyright reform is laid out in detail in the association's statement "The right to read is the right to mine".

For more information:

LERU press release


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