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20 Oct 2015

Eurostat celebrates World Statistics Day

On 20 October, World Statistics Day is being celebrated for the second time. Eurostat, the European Statistics Office, takes this opportunity to highlight the importance of official statistics in today's society. They help decision makers develop informed policies that impact millions of people, while at the same time they are essential for all citizens to evaluate the performance of decision-makers, and for enterprises to support decisions.

According to Eurostat, efforts have been made over more than 60 years by the statistical authorities of the Member States, working together with Eurostat in the European Statistical System, to produce reliable and comparable data. European statistics provide comparable data for each Member State and their regions, helping to illustrate the similarities and differences within the EU, and as a result they can provide aggregates for the euro area and the EU. Such European statistics exist across a wide range of fields.

For more information:

Eurostat - press release

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