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16 Oct 2015

CEASER publishes study on gender equality at European universities of science and technology

CESAER, the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research, has published a study on gender equality at European universities of science and technology. The study is based on a survey which was conducted in 2014 with the aim to get an overview about the state of play of gender equality and its management at CESAER member institutions. The results of the survey are presented in this report.

The CESAER Gender Equality Survey 2014 was the first one on gender equality carried out among CESAER member institutions. The outcomes are regarded as relevant for benchmarking and as a basis for institutional policy decisions. According to CESAER, this study should be repeated in the future, in order to enable universities to monitor and assess their gender related developments over time, and to allow for an assessment of efficiency, effectiveness and impact of specific measures; in general, regular monitoring would enable to follow institutional change with regard to different aspects of the gender dimension. 

For more information:

Gender Equality at European Universities of Science and Technology (download)


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