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15 Oct 2015

CORDIS research*eu results magazine: Focus on alternatives to animal testing

The latest issues of the EU's research*eu results magazine focuses on projects looking for alternatives to animal testing. According to the Commission, a total of EUR 250 million was invested under FP7 to develop viable alternatives, and efforts to this effect are also pursued under Horizon 2020. The magazine looks at early results from the respective FP7 projects in the special section of this issue. Other topics covered include the following:


  • Home-based brain-computer interfaces to enhance the lives of people with disabilities
  • Investigating new practices of citizenship
  • New biocomposite-based materials reduce buildings’ embodied energy by 50 %
  • Discovering untapped value in Europe’s forests
  • Technology that leaps out of the screen
  • Start-up identifies market potential for flexible printed electronics
  • Gas-phase analysis of individual nanoparticles

For more information, free subscription and to download the new edition, please go to:

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