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12 Oct 2015

Advisory Group calls FET a possible nucleus for European Innovation Council

In his speech at the Conference “A New Start for Europe: Opening up an ERA of Innovation”, Commissioner Moedas mentioned the idea of setting up a new European Innovation Council for the frist time. In its report "The Future of FET", the FET (Future and Emerging Science and Technology) Advisory Group now states that the FET programme could serve as a possible nucleus for the European Innovation Council. It argues that the FET programme has become a powerful tool in the hands of the EC to mobilise the talents of Europe in seeking the breakthrough technologies of the future. Having analysed its strengths and deficiencies, the FET Advisory Group concludes that an expansion of the current FET would be of prime importance for boosting Europe’s innovativeness via high level technological research. A powerful option would be the creation of a new EU research funding body – the European Innovation Council (EIC) – based upon the FET programme model that would realise such a mission similar to the way the ERC has boosted fundamental research.

To read the report click here.





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