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08 Oct 2015

EC assesses progress in implementing EU Biodiversity Strategy

In 2011, as a response to biodiversity loss, the European Commission adopted an EU Biodiversity Strategy up to 2020, with the headline target set by EU Heads of State and Government to "halt the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services by 2020, to restore ecosystems in so far as is feasible, and to step up the EU contribution to averting global biodiversity loss". The strategy is an integral part of the Europe 2020 strategy and the 7th Environmental Action Programme. It implements EU commitments under the Convention on Biological Diversity. The strategy is built around six targets, each supported by a set of actions.

The present mid-term review takes stock of progress in implementing the EU Biodiversity Strategy against the 2010 baseline. It aims to inform decision-makers of areas in which increased efforts are needed to meet the EU biodiversity objectives by 2020.

The report concludes that at the current rate of implementation, biodiversity loss and the degradation of ecosystem services will continue throughout the EU and globally. Significant implications for the capacity of biodiversity to meet human needs in the future would be the consequence. Achieving the 2020 biodiversity objectives will require strong partnerships and the full engagement and efforts from key actors at all levels, in particular with respect to completing the Natura 2000 network for the marine environment, ensuring effective management of Natura 2000 sites and implementing the Invasive Alien Species Regulation, and considering the most suitable approach for recognising natural capital throughout the EU.

Link: Mid-term review report


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