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08 Oct 2015

EC publishes two brochures on Horizon 2020 results and indicators

The European Commission (EC) has recently published two brochures on Horizon 2020.

The brochure "Horizon 2020: First results" provides information on the first 100 calls for proposals (up to 1 December 2014), including information on applications, success rates, signed grant agreements, time to grant, etc as well as project examples. In many cases, comparable FP7 data are also provided.

The "Horizon 2020 Indicators" brochure presents the full set of Key Performance and Cross-Cutting Issues Indicators for Horizon 2020, including those for the European Institute of Technology and EURATOM.

Brochure "Horizon 2020: First results"

Brochure "Horizon 2020 Indicators: Assessing the results and impact of Horizon 2020"


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