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30 Sep 2015

JPI Urban Europe launches Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

During a two day Conference on "Transition towards Sustainable and Urban Futures" on 29 and 30 September 2015, the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of JPI Urban Europe was launched. The SRIA has been developed by JPI Urban Europe in cooperation with a Scientific Advisory Board and represents the JPI's long-term strategy and programme during 2014-2020.

The Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe's ambition is to to set a scene for and ensure its contribution to a new urban research and innovation paradigm. The SRIA tackles the complexity of urbanisation by bridging the innovation space from strategic research to implementation. It promotes new ways to facilitate urban transition towards sustainable, resilient and liveable urban areas.The SRIA comprises five thematic priorities, which add to the development of essential urban transition pathways:

  • Vibrancy in changing economies
  • Welfare and finance
  • Environmental sustainability and resilience
  • Accessibility and connectivity
  • Urban governance and participation

Download the SRIA here.

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