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23 Sep 2015

394 proposals submitted to SWAFS 2015 calls

The European Commission has published the number of responses to the 2015 Science with and for Society (SWAFS) calls. The calls have attracted 394 research proposals which means an increase of 56% compared to the 2014 calls. The highest number of proposals (207) was submitted to the call dedicated to "Making science education and careers attractive for young people" (SEAC), followed by 110 proposals submitted to "Integrating society in science and innovation" (ISSI). The other two calls, "Governance for the advancement of responsible research and innovation’ (GARRI) and "Promoting gender equality in research and innovation" (GERI), shared the remaining 31 and 46 proposals respectively.

The Austrian success rate for the 2014 SWAFS calls in terms of participations was 18.4%. This is above the average of all proposals (12.7%).

The SWAFS programme aims to ensure engagement between research and society, recruit new talent to science, and pair excellence with social awareness and responsibility.


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