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22 Sep 2015

CORDIS Express looks at scientific advances related to implants and prosthetics

This week's issue of CORDIS Express looks at what it calls "augmented humans", i.e. scientific advances related to implants and prosthetics.

CORDIS Express presents some of the latest European and international project highlights in this area, such as a new mind-controlled prosthetic hand capable of restoring a patient’s lost sense of touch. It also highlights new implants and biocompatible materials to produce them, amongst others. Topics featured include
- Optimising myoelectric prostheses
- Feedback control for prosthetics
- Personalised bone implants
- Bio-based mesh for hernia treatment
- Novel bioactive implantable polymers
- Next-generation hybrid biomaterials
- Regenerative cochlear implants
- NEBIAS: The world’s most advanced bionic hand
- Trending Science: Prosthesis with a sense of touch

For more information:
CORDIS Express
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