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04 Sep 2015

EUA publishes two new papers on quality assurance

The European University Association has launched two new publications on the topic of quality assurance. The first paper "Are universities ready?" sets out the current trends in institutional quality assurance in Europe and explores the consequences for universities of the recent introduction of a revised version of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG).

The second publication "Moments! Top tips for internal quality assurance" aims at supporting institutions that are developing their internal quality assurance systems, It was prepared within the framework of the EUREQA project (Empowering universities to fulfil their responsibility for quality assurance), It is a practical guide to the core features of internal quality assurance systems and presents good practice drawn from the three-year EUREQA project. The publication focuses in particular on issues that foster the development of institutional quality cultures, for example, balancing formal and informal approaches, ensuring implementation and communication of follow-up actions, and adapting measures so they are appropriate for the institutional and national context.

The publications can be found here:
 ESG Part 1: Are universities ready?
EUREQA Moments! Top tips for internal quality assurance


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