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01 Sep 2015

Eurostat publishes Monitoring Report for EU Sustainable Development Strategy

Eurostat, The EU's statistical office, has published its sixth monitoring report of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. The report was released on 1 September 2015 and evaluates progress towards the EU SDS objectives, using a set of more than 100 sustainable development indicators, grouped into ten thematic areas. The evaluation considers two periods: the long term, accounting for progress since the year 2000, and the short term, looking at the trends over the last five years.

There have been clearly favourable developments in three of the headline indicators (resource productivity as the headline indicator of "sustainable consumption and production", the employment rate of older workers as the the headline indicator of "demographic changes", greenhouse gas emissions as one of the headline indicators of "climate change and energy") and some improvements in two others (real GDP per capita, life expectancy).

However, the report finds five out of ten headline indicators have undergone a moderately unfavourable development: the risk of poverty and social exclusion (as the headline indicator of "social inclusion"), primary energy consumption (the headline indicator of "climate change and energy"), energy consumption of transport relative to GDP (the headline indicator of "sustainable transport"), the population status of common birds (as the headline indicator for "natural resources"), and the share of gross national income (GNI) spent by the EU on official development assistance (as the headline indicator for "global partnership").

For more information:

Eurostat news release: Is the European Union moving towards sustainable development?

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