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20 Aug 2015

LERU to present paper on gendered research and innovation

The League of European Research Universities (LERU) will present its new advice paper on gendered research and innovation during a breakfast launch event in Brussels on 16 September 2015.

LERU universities recognise that potential sex and gender differences need to be considered in the way research is designed, carried out, implemented and reported. Without properly taking into account sex and gender analysis in research and innovation (GRI) where it is warranted, the scope, impact and utility of research results may not be equally valid for all sexes and genders. More awareness needs to be raised about what GRI involves, for the sake of good research, for the sake of improving lives and saving money, and for the sake of universities’ responsibility to society.

LERU has analysed to what extent GRI is known and practiced at its member universities. It has collected views, evidence and examples from the LERU universities and beyond about the state-of-affairs. In addition to analysis, this new paper also formulates recommendations to universities, policy makers, funders and journals about how to approach GRI.

Link: Venue and programme of the event


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