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21 Jul 2015

CORDIS Express: Focus on EU projects exploring the value of ecosystems

This week's edition of CORDIS Express has a special focus on EU-funded research projects exploring the value of ecosystems and the policies and initiatives needed to protect them.

The indicators from this year’s European Environment Agency's assessment of Europe’s environment regarding biodiversity show that 60 % of protected species assessments and 77 % of habitat assessments recorded an unfavourable conservation status. Europe is not on track to meet its 2020 target of halting biodiversity loss, and future climate change is projected to intensify pressures and impacts. Biodiversity loss can have significant direct human health and social impacts, even affecting livelihoods and driving migration.

A number of EU-funded projects are exploring the many health and well-being benefits that ecosystems provide, assessing different ways of valuing ecosystem services and the initiatives and policies needed, across all areas, to ensure that ecosystems are protected and biodiversity loss is halted. Topics include the following:

- Positive health effects of the natural outdoor environment in typical populations in different regions in Europe

- BIOMOT explores what drives action for nature

- BESAFE explores effectiveness of biodiversity arguments to improve policy making

- Turning the concepts of ecosystem services and natural capital into practice

- The real value of ecosystems

- Trending science: Tree-lined streets improve your health

For more information:

CORDIS Express

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