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16 Jul 2015

Council issues recommendations on 2015 national reform programmes

On 14 July 2015, the Council issued recommendations and opinions on economic, employment and fiscal policies planned by the member states. It also issued a recommendation on the economic policies of the euro area, and explanations in cases where the texts do not correspond with those proposed by the Commission. 

This step is the formal conclusion of the 2015 "European Semester", after the recommendations were formally endorsed by the European Council at its meeting in June 2015. Part of the priorities for this year's European Semester, as established and endorsed by the Council in March 2015, was a  coordinated boost to investment, with the Commission's 2015-17 Investment Plan for Europe.

The member states had presented their national reform programmes (NRPs) for their economic and employment policies to implement the Europe 2020 Strategy, in the light of policy guidance given by the European Council in April 2015. The Council had then approved country-specific recommendations and opinions (CSRs) on these NRPs, for endorsement by the European Council. It provides explanations in cases where the recommendations do not correspond with those proposed by the Commission.

The 2015 CSRs are addressed to 26 of the EU's 28 member states and to the euro area as a whole. To avoid duplication there are no CSRs for Cyprus and Greece, as they were both subject to macroeconomic adjustment programmes when the texts were drafted.

For further information:

Council - press release



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