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14 Jul 2015

EP launches MEP-Scientist Pairing Scheme 2015

The Science and Technology Options Assessment Unit (STOA) of the European Parliament (STOA) is launching the fourth MEP-Scientist Pairing Scheme. The scheme aims at enhancing mutual understanding and establishing lasting links between MEPs and experts, with a view to improving access to scientific advice on the one hand, and deepening scientists’ understanding of the role of science in policy-making and public awareness of EU policies on the other.

Under this scheme, a maximum of 60 scientists will be invited to be paired with MEPs for the year 2015, with some activities possibly extending into 2016. The deadline for application is 31 July 2015. The invitation to apply is exclusively addressed to scientists / researchers (natural persons) with academic or scientific experience.

For more information:

EP - Science and Technology Options Assessment website

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