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14 Jul 2015

CORDIS Express presents EU-funded projects focusing on dementia

In its latest edition, the CORDIS Express weekly magazine presents EU-funded projects focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dementia.

Dementia, a decline in mental ability primarily among the elderly, currently affects about 6 to 7 million people in the EU. Dementia disorders are chronic, progressive, long lasting and, so far, incurable. Given the increasing numbers of patients and expensive care, the disease has a growing impact on the medical and social sectors, with the cost of dementia in Europe currently at € 177 billion. In FP7, research into dementia was supported in particular under the activity on "Research on the brain and related diseases". Under Horizon 2020, tackling dementia falls under the societal challenge of "Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing". CORDIS Express presents FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dementia, as well as related news.

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