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14 Jul 2015

OECD countries: Expenditure on R&D as percentage of GDP

Based on OECD figures, the World Economic Forum has highlighted the countries spending the most – and least – on research and development as an important driver of economic growth, expressed as percentages of GDP. The figures provided by the OECD cover basic research, applied research and experimental development.

Israel and Korea spend most on R&D at 4.21% and 4.15% of GDP respectively, followed by Japan, Finland and Sweden.

Germany and the United States invest 2.94 % and 2.91% respectively. Austria's investment is at the same level as that of the US, while China's percentage is rapidly catching up and is now at 2% of GDP.

Of the OECD member nations, Chile spends the least on R&D at 0.36%, with Romania and Mexico only slightly ahead.


For more information:

World Economic Forum


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