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13 Jul 2015

CORDIS research*eu results magazine no. 44: Focus on science and security

CORDIS has published the 44th issue of its research*eu results magazine.

With recent events such as revelations surrounding the NSA’s data surveillance programme and terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Denmark, security has never been so high on the EU political agenda. However, to strike a balance between security and freedom, the EU needs new approaches and solutions. This endeavour has been backed by EUR 1.4 billion under the FP7-SECURITY programme, with the aim of developing the technologies and knowledge needed to ensure the security of citizens while respecting fundamental human rights; ensuring optimal and concerted use of available and evolving technologies; and stimulating industry and user cooperation while improving the competitiveness of the European security industry.

The current issue of research*eu results magazine highlights the contribution of 13 FP7 projects to meeting these objectives. Other topics include:
• Helping stroke patients to regain their independence
• The effects of new public management
• Help for rail industry on cutting pollutants from diesel engines
• Scrutinising snow and ice from space
• WALK-MAN sets the bar high for DARPA’s Robotics Challenge Finals
• Robot walker for elderly people in public spaces
• Shields up for manned space exploration

research*eu magazine (download)

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