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09 Jul 2015

INCO Newsletter #6

INCO Projects Newsletter supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Centre for Social Innovation „Research Policy and Development“. This quarterly newsletter informs you about international co-operation projects and events relevant for Austrian researchers, research institutions, and project managers. If you wish to receive this newsletter via e-mail in the future, please click here to subscribe.

Upcoming Events

» In the framework of the ALCUE NET project (Latin America, Caribbean and European Union Network on Research and Innovation) a Biodiversity and Climate Change workshop will be held in Bogota from 21-23 September, 2015.
» The project Ener2i (Energy to Innovation - Reinforcing cooperation with ENP countries on bridging the gap between energy research and energy innovation) invites to an Ener2i Workshop on Energy and Innovation and to an Ener2i Brokerage Event on energy innovation in Armenia from October 1-2, 2015. More information will be available soon at
» From 7-8 October, 2015, ALCUE NET hosts the BIOECONOMY LAC 2015 event, which is about opportunities for agriculture and agroindustry in a bioeconomy-based sustainable economy. Place of the event is Santiago de Chile.
» INNO INDIGO Policy organises the EU - INDIA SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION COOPERATION DAYS 2015 from 15-16 October 2015 in Rome, info here.
» The ERA-Can+ (EU-Canada Coopertion in STI) Roundtable on Marine and ICT will take place during the ICT 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal, at October 19, 2015.
» The third upcoming ALCUE NET event in the next months is the second joint LATP (Latin America Technoloy Platforms) - ETP (European Technology Platforms) collaboration event + Matchmaking Event on ICT in Lisbon from 19-22 October, 2015.

» The ERA-Can+ Roundtable on Aeronautics, Marine and ICT will take place in the context of the Aerodays 2015 in London, October 20-23, 2015.
» Danube-INCO.NET will organise a workshop at the Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), which takes place in Ulm from 29-30 October, 2015. The title of the 2015 Annual Forum is "Smart, social, sustainable - Innovation for the Danube Region".
» Save the Date: "Social Innovation 2015: Pathways to Social Change"-Conference from November 18-19, 2015, in Vienna. ZSI is co-organisator of this conference and celebrates its 25th jubilee in this context.

ZSI proudly presents Danube-INCO.NET outputs

The first period of the the Danube-INCO.NET project activities ended on April 30th, 2015, and several results are now available.

The work of ZSI and the whole Danube-INCO.NET project team has so far aimed at supporting the policy dialogue established in the EUSDR Priority Area Steering Groups "Knowledge Society" (PA7) and "Competitiveness" (PA8) when it comes to Research and Innovation. In this respect, we have been analysing key stakeholders in the Region so as to provide inputs for strategic decision making and creation of synergies and cooperation potentials.

Danube-INCO.NET has also specifically aimed at improving the potential of the Danube Region for research and innovation in the fields of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in a Bio-based Economy. Our activities led to a thorough Database of stakeholders active in these fields that is being constantly upgraded to create concrete cooperation activities and international partnerships. In parallel a Report on available funds for promoting R&D and Innovation on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energies and Bio-economy in the Danube Region was finalised to show how both R&D energy efficiency projects and related innovation policy measures can be financed in the region.

In order to provide a solid base for the identification of intra-regional thematic strengths and collaboration patterns a study that scrutinises both the co-publications and the co-patents in Danube Region Countries (DRC) and the Western Balkan countries (WBC) for the years of 2003-2013 was delivered by ZSI.

Further results stemming from Danube-INCO.NET are:

To stay informed on the project achievements and on RTD and innovation dynamics in the Danube Region you can both follow the Danube-INCO.NET portal and its social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Further the project newsletter informs your regularly about all activities - to follow it, simply subscribe or send your inputs directly to

News Briefs

» EU DG Research & Innovation has published an article about SEA-EU-NET II project on its Horizon 2020 project stories website. Mr. Christoph Elineau from DLR as the project leader provides insights into the project activities. More about this and the general importance of cooperation between the EU and Southeast Asia you can find on the project website and in the article featured in the H2020 project stories.
» Preliminary information on both participation of organisations and submitted project proposals on the EUREKA Danube Initiative (E!DI) call 2015 are now available here.
» The Young Scientist Competition 2015 with a focus on "Water for Health", which is jointly initated and supported by INNO-INDIGO and INDIGO-POLICY is now open until the 7th of August.
» SEA-EU-NET II presented current results of its analysis activities at the Technology Innovation International Conference in Singapore - info here.
» ZSI presented the Danube-INCO.NET project at different EUSDR priority area steering group meetings and selected conferences.
» The Agreement for the Association of Ukraine to Horizon 2020 was signed on March 20, 2015 in Kyiv by Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, and Serhiy Kvit, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine. The project BILAT UKR*AINA supported this process.
» Find here a short event report on the "ALCUE NET Matchmaking Event on Bioeconomy", which was held at the beginning of June in York with participation of an Austrian expert.

This year's edition of the ASEAN-EU Science,Technology and Innovation days in Paris

Closer and better cooperation between the EU and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region was in the focus of the STI Days in March.

The event was hosted by CNRS and brought together policy makers, funding agency representatives, researchers and innovators for discussions around Southeast Asia-Europe cooperation in research and innovation. Austria was present with representatives from the BMWFW, FFG and ZSI as project partner in SEA-EU-NET II. As the project partner responsible for SEA-EU-NET's analyses, ZSI was co-hosting a high-level session on innovation framework conditions. You can find the results and presentations of this session here. You may access all information and the presentations to the sessions of the STI Days through this general overview.

Southeast Asia - Europe Pilot Joint Call for Mobility

The multilateral Call funds mobility in the thematic areas of Environment, Health and Food research. It is open until 14th of September!

The SEA-EU-NET project has managed to bring together Southeast Asian and European research funding agencies for the first ever multilateral Call for Proposals involving Southeast Asian and European countries. Europe-Southeast Asian mobility projects with at least 2 partners from both regions in the fields of Environmental, Health or Food research will be supported. The aim is to establish new and strengthen existing networks with multidisciplinary approaches between both regions. The BMWFW is one of the six European funding agencies participating in the Call. ÖAD (Österreichischer Austauschdienst) is nominated to act as the contact point for the Austrian research community.
Application deadline is the 14th of September. Find all relevant infos and the guidelines for applicants on the SEA-EU-NET website.

BLACK SEA HORIZON puts better funding possibilities in the centre of attention

BLACK SEA HORIZON project partners discussed the regional BS-ERA.NET joint call and how to improve funding opportunities in the region.

Project Review Workshop in Bucharest

The aim of this workshop was to learn from the project coordinators of the 11 funded projects in the previous BS-ERA.NET joint call. The focus of the meeting was on the cooperation experience and outcomes of the funded projects and on the impact of funding on research in the focus areas of the pilot call (Climate change and Environment and Energy).
Following the recommendations of the interim evaluation of the BS-ERA.NET joint call further issues were identified which put emphasis on the technical implementation of future joint calls in the region.

The Black Sea Horizon project partners supported the workshop organised in Bucharest by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI). The author of the interim evaluation of the BS-ERA.NET joint call, Nikos Sidiropoulos, contributed to the reflection meeting. ZSI (Martin Felix Gajdusek) supported the set-up of the workshop and the moderation of the interactive part.

Reflection Group Meeting in Ankara

In Ankara the project partners discussed the obstacles and the successful strategies of the concluded pilot joint calls launched under BS-ERA.NET, ERA.Net RUS (PLUS) and SEE-ERA.NET (PLUS). The main result was a set of recommendations for next joint funding activities in the region taking into account the opportunities to enhance the EU-Black Sea STI cooperation.

The present funding partners agreed on the main steps of call preparation, the funding procedure and the accompanying measures to support the implementation of multilateral funding activities. A deliverable will describe the learning aspects of the funding organisations and will draft recommendations for next multilateral funding actions in the Black Sea region.

The meeting was held at the premises of the Scientific and Technologcial Research Council of Turkey - TUBITAK. The author of the interim evaluation of the BS-ERA.NET joint call, Nikos Sidiropoulos, contributed to the reflection meeting. Martin Felix Gajdusek from ZSI supported the set- up of the workshop and the moderation of the interactive part.
More information on the project you may find here.

S&T Policy Mix Peer Review in Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan

In March and April different Policy Mix Peer Reviews took place.

Both projects IncoNet CA and IncoNet EaP organised Policy Mix Peer Reviews (PMPR) and sent their peer groups to conduct the review

The examination and assessment of the national S&T system in Kyrgyzstan was carried out by an international peer group including Manfred Spiesberger, senior researcher at ZSI. It aimed at improving the design and the implementation of national S&T policy. Rather than an evaluation in itself, the exercise can be understood as a mutual learning process based on a critical friends approach.
Both the hosting country as well as the international experts experienced the field study as a great success. The main reason for this was the exceptional commitment of the Kyrgyz government and all stakeholders involved in the activity with regards to active participation and open cooperation on all levels.

Following the mission to Kyrgyzstan, the experts are currently preparing their review, in the course of which particular attention will – amongst others – be paid to the issues of human resources, economic and market development, the scientific basis and the sector of business R&D and innovation. Results are expected in late September, when the delegation of international experts will provide their analysis, and give recommendations for the transformation process.

Also the peer groups for the PMPR in Armenia and Georgia (IncoNet EaP) consisted of  experts from countries volunteering to support the action and having substantial knowledge and insight in recent STI policy developments on EU level and for the regions covered. In each country an experienced Team Leader supported the conduction of the numerous meetings with stakeholders from the countries. Among the peers for the PMPR in Georgia was also Martin Felix Gajdusek from ZSI. Further results will be available in July 2015, the findings will be presented by the Team Leaders during visits to the countries in September/October 2015.

More information on the projects and can be found here: IncoNet CA and IncoNet EaP

Several events focussed on cooperation between EU-Canada

  • DFATD and ZSI held a very successful ERA-Can+ Working Visit in Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, June 8-12. Participants were able to meet a broad range of researchers, innovators and business colleagues and city representatives on the topic of Smart Cities in all the three cities and countries. Amongst the tangible outcomes of this week is a memorandum of understanding, local media coverage and first of all a huge potential for follow-up contacts even beyond the countries the meetings took place at.
  • ERA-Can+ Information Sessions were held in Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary on June 8, 10 and 11 presenting the ERA-Can+ project services and the Guide to Canadian Programmes for European Researchers. In sum, around 150 researchers were present in the very interested audience.

The first ERA-Can+ Innovation Symposium on Collaboration with Europe was held with huge participation on June 25 at MaRS in Toronto, Ontario, bringing together innovators from both sides of the Atlantic. A similar symposium on infrastructure in Maritime Research is planned to take place on September 24 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Within the next months, three more ERA-Can+ roundtables are coming up (see the events list at the top of this newsletter). Roundtables are a format designed to bring together leading scientists in the identified fields of high collaboration potential between Canada and the EU. As output there are common challenges and topics to be detected that can be later suggested for joint research endeavours.

Africa-EU research cooperation sees new activities and a High-Level dialogue

CAAST-Net Plus presents three new publications and was active in organizing H2020 info sessions. Further a stakeholder forum was held in Entebbe, Uganda.

CAAST-Net Plus ist proud to announce three new publications:

  • CAAST-Net Plus Magazine June 2015:
  • Key findings and recommendations from the Stakeholder Forum in November 2014 in Entebbe, Uganda, may be found here:
  • AFRICA-EU RESEARCH COLLABORATION ON FOOD SECURITY - A Critical Analysis of the Scope, Coordination and Uptake of Findings has been finalised and is now in its final editorial state before printing and will soon be available online.

Further the project report of the mid-term review undertaken by the external review committee was received by the project partners and discussed with policy officers. The communication and dissemination work package which is co-lead by ZSI gained very good feedback.

On the side of events the following activities were held/are upcoming:

Upcoming: CAAST-Net Plus will present the results of the Entebbe Stakeholder Forum and potential contributions for the implementation of the roadmap on “Food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA) to the High-Level Dialogue of African Ministers and Legislators on Mobilising Science for Accelerating Sustainable Development from 7-8 July, 2015, in Accra.

INNO INDIGO project successfully launched two joint calls for proposals

One central aim of INNO-INDIGO is to optimize the outreach of the project and to facilitate the networking of funding organizations in Europe and India.

After the successful launch of the INNO INDIGO Platform for Funders (PfF) in September 2014 in Berlin where 13 funding agencies from India and Europe came together for the first physical meeting, the second meeting was realized from 9-10 June in Helsinki. A good indicator for the success of last year’s edition and the PfF’s relevance was the grown interest. 16 agencies gathered in Helsinki for two days to discuss current topics in Indo-European Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) cooperation and upcoming activities, most notably the future calls launched under the INNO INDGO Partnership Programme.
With the aim of fostering STI cooperation between India and Europe, the INNO INDIGO Partnership Programme has launched already successfully two joint calls for collaborative research in the fields of “clean water and health” (2014) and “diagnostics and interventions in chronic non-communicable diseases” (2015).  Five India-Europe research projects from the 2014 call on “clean water and health” were selected for funding. The next call is scheduled for early 2016. Find more information at

Indigo Policy and Inno Indigo: STI Cooperation Days upcoming!

The 6th edition of the EU - India Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation Days take place from 15-16 October, 2015, in Rome.

The EU-India STI Cooperation Days bring together more than 150 researchers, funding agencies, policy makers and other stakeholders each year with the aim of fostering EU-India science and innovation cooperation, by facilitating networking and triggering new ventures. The event was first launched under the preceding ERA-NET New Indigo and this year, the sixth EU-India STI Cooperation Days will be held from 15-16 October. Each year, the EU-India Cooperation Days focus on a specific thematic complex – this year the focus is on "Water for Health" – which has been identified as a thematic priority of interest for scientific collaboration between Europe and India. The event features presentations from top researchers and scholars in the field and provides a master class on business development.
Register to the EU-India STI Cooperation Days at

During this event the finals of the second edition of the young scientist competition of the year will be held. This competition is an initiative of the FP7 projects INNO INDIGO and INDIGO POLICY and was initiated in 2014 with the aim of giving young researchers from India and Europe a suitable podium to promote their research projects and ideas for cooperation (between India and Europe). Besides the 4 finalists presenting their project or project ideas at the EU-India STI Days in Rome, the winner will receive a fully paid conference trip to India or Europe. Find out how to participate here: competition. The video submission phase is only open up to the 7th of August 2015!

DANCERS project has successfully concluded

The final concluding workshop of DANCERS compiled important findings and provided guidelines for the future

After the start of DANCERS in 2013 and a series of interesting workshops (including also dialogue fora) over the course of the past two years the project ended in May 2015. In a last concluding meeting the produced SWOT was reflected as it formed the basis for the work conducted till the project end. Following the project´s General Assembly in Vienna in December 2014, in the last five months of the project the three main outputs of the project were set up. As a main result, guidance documents for better integrated river, delta and Black Sea research were set up. The Strategic Research Agenda defines a next level of multi- and interdisciplinary research and identifies also the main scientific challenges for basic and applied research in the domain. Guidance for the research infrastructure development focused on river/delta/Black sea environmental research is given in a dedicated deliverable. With regard to the challenges concerning the human resource development in the field a specific HR programme is proposed that includes also logcharts for the various actions that can be started now in the region.

Find the deliverables here: http://www.dancers-

The DANCERS consortium included beside the ZSI two more well known Austrian partners contributing substantially to the research field since several decades (University of Applied Life Sciences BOKU, Water Cluster Lunz WCL).

New ERA.Net RUS article published with contribution by ZSI experts

This scientific article has emerged from a foresight study, implemented under the task leadership of ZSI in the ERA.Net RUS project.

"FTA supporting effective priority setting in multi-lateral research programme cooperation: The case of EU–Russia S&T cooperation"

This scientific article with contributions of ZSI experts Manfred Spiesberger and Gorazd Weiss was published in the Journal Technological Forecasting and Social Change. It has emerged from a foresight study, implemented under the task leadership of ZSI in the FP7 project ERA.Net RUS - strengthening STI links between Russia and the European Research Area: Find more info on the article itself in the related ZSI news.
It follows another article having emerged from the same study, which was published earlier this year in the journal Science & Diplomacy on "Facilitating EU-Russian Scientific and Societal Engagement: Joint Efforts to Tackle Grand Challenges" (find the article on the ZSI website).

BILAT-UKR*AINA project successfully concluded

BILAT-UKR*AINA, coordinated by ZSI, has been successfully completed on 30 June 2015.

The BILAT-UKR*AINA project has been successfully completed after 34 months of duration on 30th of June 2015. The project aimed to enhance and promote bilateral cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) between the EU and Ukraine.
Among the diverse activities the project carried out were:

  • Support of the institutional S&T Policy Dialogue between the European Commission, the EU Member States and Ukraine
  • Monitoring and analysis of the STI cooperation between EU and Ukraine
  • Support to the association process of Ukraine to HORIZON 2020 programme though analytical inputs
  • Dialogue with policy-level institutions, funding bodies, NCPs, researchers, research managers/institutions, research-oriented SMEs and industry, other relevant EU projects and the public at large

Find more information on all activities among the ZSI news. The project activities were implemented by a project consortium consisting of nine renowned institutions from EU Member States and Ukraine.

All project outputs as well as other project related information are publicly accessible at:

ALCUE NET started its Foresight activity on Latin America-EU cooperation in STI

ALCUE NET vision building & foresight exercise is already under consultation

A first draft report of the ALCUE NET Foresight study ”A preliminary exploration of the future LAC and EU cooperation in science, technology and innovation” was sent for consultation to the ALCUE NET partners by SENACYT (Panama). The final report will be ready in August and be presented at the next SOM in Brussels (expected date in November). The foresight process was initiated in 2014 in a response to a request to develop a consolidated strategic vision for the ALCUE NET project to better focus its activities and to strengthen the bi-regional cooperation and decision making of the SOM.
Find here all information about the ALCUE NET project.

Ener2i Innovation Voucher Competition Armenia launched

Apply to the Ener2i Voucher Competition in Armenia until the 27th of July, 2015.

The ener2i Innovation Voucher Competitions have the goal to stimulate innovation projects in the field of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) by providing direct financial support in an early stage of project development. Armenian Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), including start-up and spin-off businesses with energy related innovation targets will get the possibility to purchase research and development services from knowledge providers to realise their projects and to establish or intensify their relationship with research institutions from Armenia or the EU. More information on the Terms of References and the Application Process can be found here.

All in all three ener2i Innovation Voucher Competitions in Belarus, Moldova and Georgia have already selected their successful projects. The two recent Innovation Voucher Competitions in Georgia and Moldova generated high interest in these competitions:
34 applications have been submitted to the 2014 ener2i innovation voucher competition in Moldova. The applicants of the eleven project ideas with the highest evaluation score were awarded with innovation vouchers worth € 4,000 each. These eleven projects are co-financed by the by the CEI – KEP with funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation.




In the end, 18 applications were submitted to the 2015 ener2i Innovation Voucher Competition in Georgia. The applicants of the six best project ideas, with the highest evaluation score were awarded with the Innovation Vouchers of € 4,000 each.
More info on all voucher competitions you can find here.

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