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08 Jul 2015

OECD publishes "Government at a Glance 2015"

The OECD has recently published the 2015 edition of "Government at a Glance". The report is published every two years and includes more than 50 indicators looking at the political and institutional frameworks of government and administration, government revenures and expenditures, employment and compensation in the 34 OECD countries, but also in large emerging countries such as India or Russia. The indicators are divided into the OECD Classification of Functions of Government (COFOG). Some research-related aspects are included in "General public services" (basic research), as well as in each of the ten COFOGs (specific R&D for the respective sector).

At the same time, Eurostat, the European Statistics Office, has published recent figures of government expenditure in the EU, saying that government expenditure accounted for 48.1% of GDP in the EU in 2014, compared with 48.6% in 2013. Among EU Member States, general government expenditure varied in 2014 from less than 35% of GDP in Lithuania and Romania to more than 57% in Finland, France and Denmark.

For further information:

OECD - Government at a Glance 2015

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