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07 Jul 2015

EC issues statistics on results of first 100 Horizon 2020 Calls

On 6 July 2015, the European Commission published statistics on the outcome of the first 100 Calls under Horizon 2020, which had all closed by 1 December 2014. The main results are as follows:

  • 36,732 proposals were evaluated in these first Calls, proving the popularity of the new Framework Programme. The success rate is at around 1 in 8 proposals, which is considerably lower than the 1 in 5 rate for the overall duration of FP7.

  • SMEs have done relatively well so far, reflecting the strong Horizon 2020 innovation focus. The target that 20% of money from the Societal Challenges and Leading and Emerging Industrial Technologies action lines should go to SMEs has been easily achieved (24% in H2020 compared to 18% in FP7).

  • 2,585 (38%) of the organisations that received funding in the first 100 calls are newcomers, nearly half of which are SMEs.

  • Also nearly half of the individuals on the database of expert-evaluators are newcomers. 35% of the total of 11,000 evaluators are female, which is still short of the 40% target.

  • 95% of the grant agreements of the successful proposals have been signed within the target of eight months. This means that over 3,200 research and innovation projects were able to start before the end of April 2015

Note: The data comparing FP7 and H2020 are for the entire duration of FP7 (2007-2013) compared to the year 2014 for H2020.

For more information and graphs:

European Commission - Horizon 2020 News

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