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30 Jun 2015

CORDIS publishes Horizon 2020 project factsheets

CORDIS, the European Commission's Community Research and Development Information Service, has published more than 4,000 factsheets on Horizon 2020 projects, all of which can now be browsed and searched on the CORDIS website.

The first Horizon 2020 grants were signed in 2014, with hundreds of new projects being added every month. The information provided on CORDIS is based on the projects' grant agreements and covers project acronym, costs, topic, funding scheme, objectives, coordinating and participating organisations, including the EC contribution for each beneficiary.

At the moment, Horizon 2020 projects can be found through their programme area and topic, but CORDIS is planning to add further information, including project websites, contact persons and cross-cutting domains, as well as to explore a more thematic approach to information. Publishable reports from Horizon 2020 projects will also be made available on CORDIS in the future.

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