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30 Jun 2015

EARTO welcomes Final Report of HLG on KETs

EARTO, the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations, has welcomed the final report by the European High-Level Group (HLG) on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). The final report was published on 24 June 2015. 

Although the report finds that significant steps have already been taken, it also puts forward very concrete recommendations to increase the exploitation of KETs in Europe to allow European industry (large and small) to face the increasing competition coming from other regions of the world.

From the perspective of RTOs, EARTO particularly highlights the first three recommendations of the report:

1) Boost European Technology Infrastructures to Support Industry,

2) Strengthen KETs Pilot Lines & Demonstration Activities,

3) Unleash Significant Investments into Manufacturing through New EU Tools.

EARTO strongly supports the report’s statement that "appropriate support to European innovators along the innovation chain and to key players along the value chains is crucial. To do this, the current framework and policies should be modernized to link together all development steps from idea to product and from R&D to marketplace. This would provide a coherent and integrated approach to innovation in Europe and avoid fragmentation of initiatives." The report also stresses the role of European RTOs as "key innovators" and for the development and deployment of KETs for European industry.

For further information:

EARTO - press release

HLG KETs Final Report

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