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01 Jul 2015

Austrian EU Performance Monitoring Online Portal launched

As of 1 July 2015, the Austrian EU Performance Monitoring for RTI (EU PM) provides an interactive online portal which allows users to carry out individual data analyses and exports of aggregated data for further processing.

Users will be able to conduct analyses on the participation and performance of Austria as well as other EU member states in Horizon 2020 on national level, but also on regional level. The online portal allows users to get an overview of Austria’s performance in Horizon 2020 in the specific programmes and regions, including information about granted funds and the role of participants in the respective projects, always considering data protection regulations.

The online portal is user-friendly and will continue to be developed further, based on user feedback.

For further information about the interactive online portal please refer to this link:

For further information about the Austrian EU Performance Monitoring please refer to the following websites: or

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