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24 Jun 2015

European stakeholders renew their commitment to ERA at ERA Conference

On the occasion of the ERA Conference "A new start for Europe: Opening up to an ERA of Innovation", which took place on 22-23 June 2015 in Brussels, several European stakeholder organisations in the ERA Platform have renewed their commitment to strengthen the European Research Area (ERA). CESAER, EARTO, EUA, LERU, and Science Europe* as well as Carlos Moeadas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, signed a "Joint Statement" on ERA on 23 June 2015. The engagement is valid until the end of 2019. 

This renewed commitment is a follow-up to the first joint statement which was signed by the same organisations in July 2012. The objective is to further build trust between the European Commission and the major European stakeholder organisations, and to develop a better functioning ERA. The signatories have committed themselves to encouraging their respective members to carry out by 2020 certain activities contributing to ERA.

On behalf of the European University Association (EUA), President Maria Helena Nazaré underlined the importance of linking education and research more strongly to boost innovation within ERA, stating that “there is no innovation without excellent research, and no excellent research without excellent education”.

LERU Secretary-General Kurt Deketelaere pointed out that on a number of ERA-related issues, such as social security and pensions, open access and data protection, universities are simply not in the driver’s seat, because national or European legal initiatives are required in these cases. LERU therefore hopes that appropriate measures will be taken at the national and EU level to eliminate these obstacles to ERA.

CESAER = Conference of European Schools for Advance Engineering Education and Research

EARTO = European Association of Research and Technology Organisations

EUA = European University Association

LERU = League of European Research Universities

Science Europe = an association of European Research Funding Organisations and Research Performing Organisations

For more information:

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Photo: ERA Statement signature ceremony (by EUA)


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