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23 Jun 2015

Science Europe gives "Seven Reasons to Care about Integrity in Research"

Science Europe's Working Group on Research Integrity has prepared and recently published a brochure on "Seven Reasons to Care about Integrity in Research".

The brochure states that research integrity is intrinsic to research activity and excellence. It is a basis for researchers to trust each other as well as the research record, and it is the basis of society’s trust in research evidence and expertise. Research misconduct is not a victimless crime and can damage reputations, careers, patients and the public. It is also a waste of public investment in research and is costly to remediate. This paper sets out seven key reasons why Science Europe Member Organisations, and research organisations in general, should be concerned about promoting research integrity amongst their research community.

For more information:

Seven Reasons to Care about Integrity in Research (download pdf)


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