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01 Jun 2015

ERAC Working Group to discuss ERA Roadmap indicators

At its meeting on 29 May 2015, the Council Competitiveness endorsed the ERA Roadmap, which had previously been agreed by ERAC at its meeting on 16 April 2015. Amongst other issues, the Council Conclusions on the ERA Roadmap call for the development of indicators to monitor progress on the Roadmap by the end of 2015.

ERAC has therefore set up a Working Group with the mandate of producing these indicators. In consultation with the Commission and other experts, the Working Group has drawn up a first proposal for a set of indicators, which includes one indicator for each ERA Roadmap priority (with the exception of Priority 2b on Research Infrastructures, where discussions at expert level are still on-going). The intention is that these indicators should be politically relevant and should enable key decision makers at European and national levels to tell whether progress is being made on addressing the top implementation priorities identified in the Roadmap. The selected Roadmap indicators should then also form an integral part for a future system for monitoring the full ERA agenda, which will underpin future ERA Progress Reports. The indicators will be developed in consultation with ERAC and the ERA Groups.

Supported by experts and with participation of one member per ERA Group. the Working Group will discuss and elaborate on these indicators at a meeting on 8 June 2015 in Vienna.

For more information:

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