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27 May 2015

EFSI: Final round of negotiations starts today

The Council and the European Parliament are starting their final round of negotiations to reach an agreement on the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) today, 27 May 2015.

Although progress has been made in previous rounds of talks, e.g. with regard to issues concerning EFSI governance, the use of the EU guarantee, its control mechanism and accountability, a number of issues has so far remained unresolved, in particular the question of the sources of EU financing for the EFSI. The Council has endorsed the Commission's proposal with regard to sources of financing, which would include shifting € 2.7 million from the Horizon 2020 budget, while the European Parliament calls on the Commission to find alternative sources to finance EFSI and fill it gradually via the annual budgetary procedure, rather than using EU budget earmarked for research and transport.

The Latvian Council Presidency says it enters the trilogue talks "with a clear ambition and mandate from the Council to seal the agreement this Wednesday, 27 May 2015".

For more information:

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