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26 May 2015

EUA adopts Antwerp Declaration to advance knowledge-based society

The European University Association (EUA) has adopted a declaration on "A strategic agenda for universities: Developing strong institutions to advance the knowledge-based society". The so-called Antwerp Declaration was endorsed by the EUA’s governing bodies on 21 May 2015. It was drawn up following an extensive dialogue on research and innovation between EUA, its university membership and National Rectors’ Conferences, and also includes the outcome of discussions held at the EUA Annual Conference 2015 at the University of Antwerp.

EUA President Professor Maria Helena Nazaré said: “The Antwerp Declaration is a document for public authorities and universities to engage in further dialogue and action in working towards a more competitive, innovative and inclusive Europe.” The declaration is addressed to policy makers, political leaders and decision makers at all levels – regional, national and European – as well as European universities and stresses the key role of universities for Europe’s long-term growth and competitiveness. According to the EUA, the intention of the Antwerp Declaration is to mobilise public authorities at all levels to further support universities in enhancing their research and innovation capacity and maximising their benefit to society. It highlights the need for long-term policy and funding for universities, including the need for academic freedom and autonomy as well as financial sustainability. The declaration also seeks to mobilise universities to become more involved in tackling societal challenges.

For more information:

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