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22 May 2015

EC publishes Better Regulation Guidelines

On 19 May 2015, the European Commission published its new Better Regulation Package, setting out how it proposes to deliver its commitment to better regulation over the coming years.

According to the Commission, Better Regulation aims at "designing EU policies and laws so that they achieve their objectives at minimum cost. It ensures that policy is prepared, implemented and reviewed in an open, transparent manner, informed by the best available evidence and backed up by involving stakeholders." In order to ensure that EU action is effective, the Commission assesses the expected and actual impacts of policies, legislation and other important measures at every stage of the policy cycle.

In the Communication "Better regulation for better results - An EU agenda", the Commission outlines its motivation and the measures it intends to take. These include a second wave of simplification measures for the implementation Horizon 2020 which is currently being prepared

For more information:

European Commission - Better Regulation Package

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