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04 May 2015

EIB reports on beginning roll-out for Investment Plan

In his annual address to the plenary of the European Parliament (EP), the President of the European Investment Bank Group (EIB) Werner Hoyer briefed MEPs, amongst other issues, about the accelerated roll-out of the first projects which could be covered by the EU budget guarantee under the Investment Plan for Europe (Juncker Plan). The address was part of the plenary session at which the EP held its annual discussion of the activities of the EIB and its contribution to EU policy goals.

Mr. Hoyer said the EIB "put on track the first projects and transactions which it will propose for backing by the EU Budget guarantee once EFSI is in place" on 21 April 2015. The EIB had done so "in response to calls by Member States, the Commission and the European Parliament for swift action in support of Europe’s economic recovery and global competitiveness." The EIB President underlined that the EIB Group is committed to working with National Promotional Banks and Institutions, which are expected to make a crucial contribution to ensure that local investment needs are addressed. He also stressed that from the EIB's point of view, the new European Fund for Strategic Investments will not succeed without decisive progress in structural reforms and regulatory simplification.

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