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04 May 2015

First overview report: Austria is participating successfully in Horizon 2020

The Austrian EU Performance Monitoring has prepared its first overview report of Austria’s performance in the EU Framework Programmes and presented its findings to stakeholders at the Europa Forum Forschung on 4 May 2015.

The first year of Horizon 2020, the current EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, was successful for Austria. The first overview report provides insight into the data of Austria’s performance: 191 Mio € of funding or 2.9% of funds have been granted to Austrian participants, which is an increase compared to 2.6% in FP7. In total, almost 26,000 evaluated proposals have been evaluated. Austria is involved in 7.6%.

The success rates in Horizon 2020 (14.5% of proposals and 16.9% of participations) are lower compared to FP 7 (18.4% of proposals and 21.8% of participations). The success rate of Austrian participations is slightly above the overall Horizon 2020 average at 18.4%. Out of all Austrian participations, in the first Horizon 2020 calls, 32.1% were accounted for by the higher education sector, 22.2% by non-university research organisations, and 32.9% by the enterprise sector. For the Austrian enterprise sector, this is a slight increase compared to FP 7 (Austrian enterprise sector participation in FP 7: 30.1%).

Austria’s main goals for Horizon 2020 are to increase its rate of return, to promote excellent researchers, and to address the societal challenges that have been identified in the Austrian RTI strategy in order to strengthen Austrian innovation performance.

The overview report is published annually. The Austrian EU-Performance Monitoring project is commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. As of July 2014, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency has been commissioned to carry out this project to provide quick and reliable data about Austria’s participation Austria in the EU Framework Programmes.

For further information please refer to the download (available in German only).


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