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30 Apr 2015

MEPs call on EIT to clarify its accounts

In a vote on Wednesday, 28 April 2015, the European Parliament postponed approving the spending of EU funds in 2013 by the Budapest-based European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT), as well as of ARTEMIS and ENIAC (now merged to create the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership - ECSEL), two EU/private new technology partnerships. The decision was based on auditing doubts, the MEPs said. The EIT will have to demonstrate by autumn 2015 that it has improved its payments verification and public procurement processes.

The Parliament's decision also concerned spending by the European Council and the Council of Ministers, due to their failure to supply the necessary figures, as well as European Commission spending errors in agriculture, regional and employment policy. Spending by all other EU bodies was granted ˮdischargeˮ approval by the EP.

The European Parliament will take its final decision on the postponed discharges in October 2015. The discharge is required for the formal closure of institutional accounts.

For more information:

European Parliament - press release

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