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29 Apr 2015

Committee of the Regions: Energy Union requires business-driven research and innovation

The Committe of the Regions (CoR) is convinced that Europe has teh potential to bring low-carbon technologies to the market. It regards the local and regional authorities as important players in promoting business-driven research and innovation in this context.

This was highlighted by CoR President Markku Markkula in a keynote presentation at the IT4Energy Conference in Lisbon on 27 April 2015: "We need to implement smart energy strategies at the EU, national, regional and local levels so that the public and private sectors contribute to a more sustainable society and economy". Mr. Markkula added that "To achieve this, we need to focus on SME development, new employment opportunities and ultimately, empowering citizens as responsible and creative local participants of rapidly changing energy markets", quoting the Helsinki region as a good-practice example where "the region's smart specialisation strategy addresses the societal challenge of sustainable energy and enhances open innovation, through the full use of the EU's research and innovation funds, combined with various other private and public sources."

The CoRs' Environment, Climate and Energy (ENVE) Commission is currently preparing an opinion on the Energy Union.

For more information:

Committee of the Regions - press release

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