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29 Apr 2015

Study provides vision on gender equality in science and research in 2025

In its Communication "A Reinforced European Research Area Partnership for Excellence and Growth" of July 2012, the European Commission urged Member States to strive for a cultural change in research and science, in order to achieve gender equality and gender mainstreaming in research. In spring 2014, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy commissioned a study to provide a vision of gender equality in science and research in the year 2025, as well as an action-oriented basis for strengthening cultural change in Austria’s science and research organisations.

The aim of the “Gender Equality in Science and Research 2025” study was to strengthen and combine already existing measures, instruments and structures with national and European gender equality aims.

In several workshops visions were drawn up of what a gender-fair science and research landscape could look like. The outcome of this process was a set of short, medium and long term recommendations addressing different players. One of these recommendations is to develop the already existing policy mix further, for instance by making voluntary measures obligatory, or by further developing policies from a mere female focus to consequent consideration of all diversity dimensions. Another cross-sectoral recommendation is drawing up an Austrian mission statement regarding a gender and diversity fair science and research area. Other recommendations concern the integration of a gender-oriented management structure as well as the inclusion of gender aspects in the curricula of the higher education institutions. Among the visions for realising a gender-fair science and research area include the development of alternative career paths compared to traditional academic careers, or the consequent further development of qualitative and quantitative gender monitoring.

For more information about the study please refer to the download.


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