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24 Apr 2015

EUA welcomes EP Committees' position on EFSI funding

The European University Association (EUA) welcomes a report of the European Parliament's Budgets and Economic and Monetary Affairs published earlier this week on the European Fund for Strategic Investment, in which MEPs contested plans to feed the fund from the EU Horizon 2020 research and transport investment budgets, and called for more parliamentary control over its leadership and goals. Instead, MEPs propose to finance the EFSI gradually in the annual budgetary procedure until it reaches €8 billion by 2022, thus opposing the Commission’s original proposal to use € 2.7 million from Horizon 2020 as a primary source for the fund.

Lesley Wilson, Secretary General of EUA said that investment in research and innovation is crucial for European competitiveness, therefore "EUA very much welcomes the efforts of MEPs to find alternative ways of supporting EFSI. The challenge, going forward, will be to avoid the Commission’s proposed bulk cut to Horizon 2020 turning into year-on-year cuts determined by the EU’s annual budget procedure. Europe’s universities urge the European Parliament to remain committed to protecting European research throughout this process and call upon the European Commission and the Council of Ministers to reconsider the use of Horizon 2020 in subsequent negotiations."

The EP and the Council started their negotiations on the EFSI proposal on 23 April 2015, with a view to reaching a compromise to be voted by Parliament as a whole in June 2015.

For further information:

EUA - press release


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