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17 Apr 2015

ERAC agrees on ERA-Roadmap

At its latest meeting on 16/17 April 2015, ERAC (the European Research Area and Innovation Committee) agreed on the "ERA Roadmap". At first glance, the document proves that there is "nothing new under the sun", as LERU (the League of European Research Universities) commented in its reaction to the agreement. Indeed, ERAC concluded that there is a need for continued efforts on the given ERA priorities such as adressing Grand Challenges or obstacles to knowledge transfer, instead of jumping to a new set of priorities.

The challenges ahead are twofold: Firstly, the "ERA Roadmap" asks the Competitiveness Council on 29 May 2015 for political support, including a mandate to implement the proposed action lines at national level. Secondly, Austria like all other countries should translate the ERAC document into a national roadmap with clear baseline, objectives, instruments, and deliverables.

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