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16 Apr 2015

Last FP7 Monitoring Report published

The European Commission has published its seventh and last FP7 Monitoring Report. The report provides an integrated view of the different strands of FP7 activities and also presents a comparative analysis of FP7 implementation during 2007- 2013. Furthermore, a new annex (F) has been added to  the report providing key data and information on FP7 – in particular on participation – per country, notably on the EU Member States. During seven years of FP7, 487 concluded calls received nearly 136,000 proposals, involving more than 601,000 applicant organisations and individuals of which more than 25,000 proposals involving more than 130,000 participants were finally retained for negotiations. Proposals and applicants had an average success rate of 19% and 22% respectively.

The aggregate project cost of the retained proposals for the period 2007-2013 is € 62.9 billion, and the corresponding EU financial contribution requested is € 41.7 billion, with a corresponding average success rate of 19% in terms of EU financial contribution.

More than half of all recorded calls in 2013 were launched under the Cooperation Specific Programme. Higher and secondary education institutes (HES) remained the main beneficiaries of FP7 in 2013, both in terms of numbers of applicants and requested EU funding.

SMEs organisations account for 46% of all industry organisations participating in grant agreements for the period 2007-2013. In 2013, 18,6% of all participants in signed grant agreements were SMEs. The average EU contribution to SMEs participating in FP7 for the period of 2007-2013 is
€ 259,772.

Top 50 ranking lists show participation counts per type of organisation. Austrian organisations appearing in these lists are the Vienna University of Technology (rank 49 in Higher or Secondary Education Organisations), the Austrian Institute of Technology (rank 23 in Research Organisations) , AVL LIst (rank 26 in Private for Profit Organisations), and Infineon (rank 35 in Private for Profit Organisations).

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