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07 Apr 2015

Call for proposals for JPI Climate & Belmont Forum is open

On 1 April 2015 the Call for proposals for the Joint Programming Initiative “Connecting Climate knowledge for Europe” (JPI Climate) and the Belmont Forum was opened. This Call aims to contribute to the overall challenge of developing climate services, with a focus on the role of inter-regional linkages in climate variability and predictability. A particular focus of interest is the drivers and mechanisms linking poles and monsoons with regard to societal usefulness of climate services. There are still major impediments to having efficient climate services at regional and local level.

JPI Climate and the Belmont Forum are seeking proposals from consortia consisting of partners from the participating countries as well as other countries. Consortia should preferably bring together different scientific disciplines to address the issues within the scope of the described call topics. The amount of public funding available for collaborative research projects through this call is estimated at approximately EUR 15 million.

Projects should address one or more of the following topics:

  • Understanding past and current variability and trends of regional extremes
  • Predictability and prediction skills for near future variability and trends of regional extremes
  • Construction of near term forecast products with users.

For further information please refer to the JPI Climate website:

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