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07 Apr 2015

Commission presents Horizon 2020 success rates by programme

According to a presentation by the European Commission at the 2015 Science | Business Horizon 2020 Conference on 24 March 2015 in Brussels, the current overall average success rate of Horizon 2020 grant proposals is 14.53 %. This figure, which is lower than in FP7, is based on more than 26,000 proposals that were evaluated and concluded by 25 February 2015.

The Commission argues that the decrease in the Framework Programme success rate is caused by a combination of many factors, such as the gap between the end of FP7 and the first calls under Horizon 2020, the broader description of call topics, as well as shrinking national public research budgets. The decrease is particularly pronounced in areas such as Food (13.3 %), Transport (17.7 %) or Environment (11.9%). By contrast, the success rate for European Research Council grants (12.8%) has increased slightly compared to FP7.

Link: Science Business Conference presentation

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