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19 Mar 2015

INCO Newsletter #5

INCO Projects Newsletter supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Centre for Social Innovation „Research Policy and Development“. This quarterly newsletter informs you about international co-operation projects and events relevant for Austrian researchers, research institutions, and project managers. If you wish to receive this newsletter via e-mail in the future, please click here to subscribe.


Common Call for Cross-Border Projects in the Danube Region

Common Call for Cross-border Co-operative Projects in the Danube Region 2015 Launched: EUREKA Promotes Industry-driven R&D Projects

The present call for cross-border co-operative projects in the Danube region results from an initiative of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) endorsed by the European Council in 2011, and aims at a closer collaboration by creating “synergies and co-ordination between existing policies and initiatives taking place across the Danube region”.

The implementation of the “E!DI Eureka Danube Initiative Call 2015” was facilitated by the Danube-INCO.NET project, which is co-ordinated by ZSI. At a joint EUREKA and Danube-INCO.NET meeting in Austria in December 2014, the final details for this EUREKA Danube Region multilateral call were discussed. Already at this time, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovak Republic had signalised to support participants by public funding for the envisaged common call.

All the information on the participating countries, eligibility criteria and funding principles can be found at the Danube-INCO.NET web portal, which serves as the main information and dissemination tool for Danube Region-wide R&I activities.

Deadlines: 30 April for outlines & 17 June for submissions.

News Briefs

» A preliminary version of a concrete policy recommendations paper was developed based on the results of the 1st CAAST-NET Plus stakeholder forum in Entebbe, Uganda and has enjoyed positive reception at the third High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) Expert Working Group meeting in London, UK on Food and Nutrition Security on 5 March.
» In February the 2nd issue of the ALCUE NET newsletter was launched.
» BILAT-UKR*AINA Webinar “how to reinforce the involvement of research oriented SMEs to Horizon 2020?” facilitating the participation of SMEs in Horizon 2020 to reinforce co-operation between academia and industry was held on 3 March.
» The analysis group of the SEA-EU-NET project, which is led by ZSI, has published an infographic on ASEAN-EU research co-operation. In addition with other analytical material, the poster will be part of the major inputs to SEA-EU-NET’s STI Days conference in Paris, 17-19 March.
» Karl Haegeman, Alexander Sokolov, Manfred Spiesberger (senior researcher at ZSI) and Marc Boden published a new article on “Facilitating EU-Russian Scientific and Societal Engagement: Joint Efforts to Tackle Grand Challenges” in Science & Diplomacy. The article emerged from the foresight study on EU-Russia R&D and innovation co-operation implemented in the ERA.Net RUS project.
» ERA-Can+ published documentation of the webinars for Canadians on SSH and ICT in H2020 and the Canada-EU co-ordinated call on aeronautics.


The 2015 edition of SEA-EU-NET's Science, Technology and Innovation Days will take place on 17-19 March in Paris

The ASEAN-EU STI Days 2015 are hosted by CNRS and brings together policy makers, funding agency representatives, researchers and innovators for discussions around Southeast Asia-Europe co- operation in research and innovation. Austria is present with representatives from the BMWFW and FFG. As the project partner responsible for SEA-EU-NET's analyses, ZSI is co-hosting a high-level session on innovation framework conditions.

S&T Policy Mix Peer Review in Georgia

One-week Visit to Georgia on 16-20 March

On 30 January the S&T Policy Mix Peer Reviews (PMPR) for Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan were started with a joint kick off meeting in Athens. Both the IncoNet EaP and IncoNet CA projects provide the necessary resources for the upcoming tasks. Following intensive preparation of the visits to the countries, the one-week visit to Georgia will take place on 16-20 March. ZSI leads the task, supports the PMPR in Georgia with an expert and organises the process in Kyrgyzstan with a teamleader. In 2012 ZSI already supported the Policy Mix Peer Reviews for Moldova and Kazakhstan.

Consortium Meeting, Webinar on Financial & Legal Issues in H2020 and Working Visits

Three Upcoming ERA-Can+ Events until Summer

The ERA-Can+ consortium will meet on 24-25 March to discuss the successes of the first half of the project and to plan the second half. Additionally, a train-the-trainers session will be conducted, the advisory board will meet and two more information sessions in Canada will take place in Montreal and Quebec City.

The first information sessions in Europe have already taken place, like the info day on mobility programmes in Rome in late January, and more of them are currently being planned. Several webinars on different aspects of Horizon 2020 have already been held (e. g. on the co-ordinated call on aeronautics, on SSH and on ICT). A webinar on financial issues of H2020 will be held on 17 March with already more than 70 registered participants.

The first ERA-Can+ working visit is planned for the first week of June 2015. At least three Canadian experts and multipliers (e. g. NCPs, representatives of associations or innovator networks) will be invited on a small tour to meet their equivalents in Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. The thematic meetings will be combined with ERA-Can+ info sessions. The Canadian delegation members will get a chance to present their institutions in the context of collaboration with Europe and are invited to join the Hungary-Canada innovation forum in Budapest. If you are interestested, please contact ERA-Can+.

Consortium Meeting in South Africa

CAAST-Net Plus Consortium Meeting in the Margins of the ACU-SARIMA Conference

The CAAST-Net Plus consortium is preparing for the upcoming annual meeting in the margins of the ACU-SARIMA conference on “Research and Innovation for Global Challenges” on 12-14 May, in Johannesburg, South Africa. CN+ will have a session at the conference which will constitute as the 2nd CAAST-Net Plus stakeholder forum. The annual consortium meeting will take place just before the conference.

ALCUE NET NCP Meeting and Innovation Forum

National Contact Points Meeting in May and Innovation Forum Planned for Second Half of 2015

A NCP meeting “Capacity building and international networking in Latin America and the Caribbean countries” will be organised by the Caribbean Science Foundation on 25-27 May in Barbados. Participation from an Austrian NCP is expected.

Further, the 1st transnational call under the ERANet-LAC project was successfully completed on 27 November 2014. ERANet-LAC plans to launch a 2nd joint call in September 2015. In addition, an innovation forum will be organised in the second half of 2015. It will be open to public and private institutions and involve innovation agencies and private sector organisations in order to identify future collaboration opportunities and to establish a long term strategic co-operation.


Successful Project Start of BLACK SEA HORIZON with a Kick-off Meeting in Bucharest

The project consortium consists of 19 partners from all Black Sea countries and a number of EU Member States and Asociated Countries. This is the first Horizon 2020 project under the co-ordination of ZSI and builds on currently on-going initiatives like the Black Sea Synergy and also takes up new opportunities.

Other on-going co-ordination and support actions also targeting the countries covered in the Black Sea and the commitment of all countries involved will be necessary to reach the objectives of the project. Synergies with already running initiatives like the BSEC Black Sea Economic Cooperation working group on co-operation in science and technology and projects like IncoNet EaP will be sought, and experiences made will be taken up in planned activities.

Despite the current political developments, all partners are fully convinced that further mutual learning and co-operation in the STI sector contributes to stability and sustainable co-operation in the field.

SEA-EU-NET 2 Analysis Results

SEA-EU-NET’s ZSI-led Analysis Team Publishes Results on Innovation Framework Conditions and Research Output in Southeast Asia

The ZSI-led analysis work package in the SEA-EU-NET project has published two key outputs: First, a report on selected innovation framework conditions in Southeast Asia, which focuses on IPR, materials transfer agreements and public procurement for innovation. Second, an infographic offering insights into Southeast Asia's research output and the relevance of ASEAN-EU research co-operation.

Both the report and the infographic will be presented at SEA-EU-NET’s Science, Technology and Innovation Days 2015, which will take place on 17-19 March in Paris. They particularly feed into a session that will bring together high-level policy makers and experts to discuss the impact of the economic integration process in Southeast Asia on innovation framework conditions. The session will kick off more in-depth project work related to this topic.

Internal Report on Communication Activities

An internal report on lessons learnt in the communication and dissemination activities in projects on EU-Africa STI collaboration was delivered to the co-ordinator by Research Africa and ZSI. A publication on is planned as well as a public report by the end of the project in late 2016.

Vision Building and Foresight Exercise

ALCUE NET Vision Building & Foresight Exercise as Preparation for the Senior Official Meeting (SOM)

At the last Senior Official Meeting held in San José, Costa Rica (4-5 April 2014), it was repeatedly stated by some national representatives that there was a need for a clearer strategic vision for the ALCUE NET project and for the bi-regional co-operation in STI as a whole. It was then decided at the SOM to implement a foresight exercise, which was initiated in July 2014 as a specific action of ALCUE NET and lead by SENACYT (Panama). The foresight exercise should be completed by the next SOM meeting to be held in Brussels in October 2015. Until now, the activities that have been undertaken include the preparation of a trend analysis, the establishment of a strengths and weaknesses analysis and the preparation of a set of three exploratory scenarios. On 4-6 March an ALCUE NET foresight working group meeting was held in Panama City with the aim of reviewing the exploratory scenarios, of developing a “success scenario” and of defining a Delphi survey which serves to validate the “success scenario”. ZSI took part in the meeting and is available for further information on the subsequent process and results. Furthermore, the preliminary results of the impact monitoring led by ZSI feed into the scenario building.

Voucher Competitions in Moldova and Georgia

High Interest for Vouchers among SMEs from the fields of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources

The 2014 ener2i innovation voucher competition in Moldova generated a high interest among Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and research organisations in Moldova. In total, 34 applications were submitted to the competition. The competition closed on 2 March. Results will be published at the beginning of April 2015.

This competition was carried out by the EU-FP7 funded project ener2i, together with support of the Central European Initiative Knowledge Exchange Programme (CEI-KEP) Austria and with funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).

The aim of the competition was to initiate innovation projects in the field of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) by providing direct financial support in an early stage of project development. SMEs, including start-ups and spin-offs, got the possibility to purchase research and development services from knowledge providers to realise their projects and to establish or intensify their relationship with research institutions and international partners.

ener2i now invites Georgian Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) with energy related innovation targets in Renewable Energy Sources (RES) or with the aim to improve their Energy Efficiency (EE) performance to participate in the ener2i innovation voucher competition – Georgia.

This competiton in Georgia was launched on the 4th of March 2015 and will be closed on the 4th of May 2015!

The aim of the competition is to initiate innovation projects in the field of EE and RES by providing direct financial support in an early stage of project development. SMEs, including start-ups and spin-offs, will have the possibility to purchase research and development services from knowledge providers to realise their projects and to establish or intensify their relationship with research institutions.

Further information (terms of reference, submission procedure, contacts in Georgia) are available here.

Travel Grants for Ukrainian Researchers and 2nd Stakeholder Forum

Call for Awarding Travel Grants to Ukrainian Researchers and 2nd Stakeholders’ Forum on 27-28 January

The BILAT-UKR*AINA project announces a call for awarding travel grants to Ukrainian researchers who intend to participate in the EU 'Horizon 2020' programme in the following priority areas: New materials and processing technologies; Information and communication technologies; Biotechnologies; Aeronautics. Alongside these topics, grants may be provided to projects on other thematic areas of the Horizon 2020 programme as each submitted project proposal will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Deadline: end of April 2015

Lessons learnt and good practices in the process of Ukarine's association to the EU Framework Programmes were in the focus of the 2nd stakeholders’ forum of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project on 27-28 January. Also on the agenda were STI policies and other measures to promote innovation. In addition to presentations by expert speakers, the forum offered plenty of opportunity for discussions. The event attracted more than 70 participants.

Since Ukraine will officially associate to Horizon 2020 in the forthcoming months, the relevance of the event was obvious. Research and innovation are important fields in which Ukraine is developing closer ties with the EU. The significance of the event was underlined by the attendance of Maksym Strikha, Deputy Minister of Education and Science for Ukraine, Anatoly Zagorodny, Vice President of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine as well as Thierry Devars, International Relations Officer of the EC responsible for the BILAT-UKR*AINA. On behalf of the consortium, ZSI as BILAT-UKR*AINA project co-ordinator, presented the latest project results.

Seminars on Research and Innovation Policy in Vienna

Seminars on Research and Innovation Policy Successfully Held within the IncoNet EAP and IncoNET CA Projects

Experts from both, the Eastern Partnership Countries (EaP) and Central Asia (CA) visited Vienna to receive training on research and innovation policies. In two separate training weeks for Central Asian and Eastern Partnership Countries, the trainers, coming from different institutions like ZSI, the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Joanneum Research, Vienna University of Technology, and the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz among others, informed about fundamental theories of STI policy-making and policy-delivery, discussed new approaches and instruments of modern STI policies and put emphasis on policy learning, assessment and evaluation of public interventions.

ZSI as co-ordinator of both projects and as the organiser of the two training weeks, welcomed experts from the field of STI policy-making, STI policy-delivery and research management from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine (IncoNet CA) and from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and again Ukraine (IncoNet EaP) to Vienna.

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