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12 Mar 2015

ERC announces 372 new Consolidator Grant winners

The European Research Council (ERC) announced the 372 winners of its second Consolidator Grant competition on 12 March 2015, awarding them a total of €713 million of Horizon 2020 funds. This amounts to an average of € 1.91 million per grant, with the largest grants worth up to €2.75 million. The funds are to be used for consolidating the winners' research teams and developing their most innovative ideas.

Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, emphasised that "with every project of this calibre, we're making Europe the laboratory of the world. Our most extraordinary and creative researchers benefit from EU funding and, in turn, Europe benefits every day from its investment in knowledge and people". ERC President Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon highlighted the fact that these Consolidator Grants "will also back some 1,500 postdocs and PhD students as team members. This is one more way in which the ERC is fostering the next generation of bright research talent, and thereby the human basis for Europe’s competitiveness that conditions its economic growth."

The researchers selected in this call will, for example, analyse the causes of harmful behaviour in teenagers; resolve puzzles about the nature of autism and dyslexia; and go beyond Einstein's theory to bring about a revolution in our understanding of gravity and the dark universe.

The share of female grantees in this call has risen to 28% from 24% in the first competition. The overall success rate of applicants is 15%. The grantees comprise researchers of 38 different nationalities, with the highest number of grants going to to German (69 grants) and French (44) scientists, followed by British (37), Spanish (33), Italian (29), Dutch (21) and Belgian (16) researchers (Austria: 10). Over 30 grantees come from non-European countries. The grantees' research will be carried out in host institutions in 24 European countries, 6 of which are located in Austria.

For further information:

ERC press release

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